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  • Solid gold five diamond bezel bracelet

    *solid 14kt gold bracelet with five bezel diamonds 

    *double lock

    *26.5 grams

    *gorgeous and fabulous for your everyday wear

    *free shipping

  • featured product
    Solid yellow gold vintage watch

    *14kt solid yellow gold 

    *vintage watch for ladies

    *dainty and elegant

    *free shipping

    $1,900.00 $975.00
  • Sterling silver turquoise bracelet

    *sterling silver 925

    *turquoise gemstone

    *artist/designer Delbert Vandever, Hopi tribe

    *Native American  artist


    *free shipping

  • Designer silver diamond heart bangle

    *sterling silver and diamond

    *diamond heart bangle by designer David Yurman

    *older style from 20 years ago

    *free shipping

  • Bracelet yellow gold rhodium fancy style

    *24kt yellow gold and rhodium bracelet with a lifetime warranty

    *this bracelet is so fantastic and expensive-looking on your wrist

    *for everyday wear, great for stacking

    *width 3/8” length 7 3/4” long 

    *for men or women

    *free shipping

  • Bracelet sterling silver cuff bracelet

    * intricately designed adjustable hinge cuff bracelet 

    *designer bracelet

    *fits 6.5 to 8 inch wrist

    *around 34 grams

    *free shipping

  • Solid gold bracelet with 6 ctw round and baguette diamonds

    *solid 14kt yellow gold and diamond tennis bracelet

    *gorgeous and elegant design

    *for future family heirloom

    *6 ctw diamonds

    *double lock

    *length is 7.5"

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver onyx gemstone bracelet

    *sterling silver 925

    *vintage old pawn 

    *onyx gemstones

    *perfect for layering

    *free shipping


  • Bracelet sterling silver and gold with diagonal lock

    *sterling silver 18 kt yellow gold with diagonal lock

    *length is 7"

    *for men or women

    *free shipping

    *silver 38.50 grams

    *gold 0.10 grams