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  • Bracelet handcrafted twisted sterling silver 925 bangle bracelet

    * gorgeous and intricately designed sterling silver 925 bangle bracelet

    *perfect for everyday wear

    *great for male or female

    *free shipping

  • Bracelet handcrafted sterling silver hinged cable bangle with pearls

    *designer handmade sterling silver 925 twisted ornate cable hinged

    bangle cuff bracelet with freshwater pearls

    *perfect for everyday wear

    *variety of colors

    *free shipping

white pearl

pink pearl

purple pearl

dark purple
  • Vintage Three Strand 14K Gold Vermeil and Akoya Pearls

    14/20 G mark, gold is 70% over sterling silver. Bracelet is 7”.

  • Silver and rhodium wide bracelet

    width is 1/2”

    length 7”

    popular for men

  • 24kt gold rhodium and black bracelet

    width is 3/8”

    length 7 1/2”

  • Bracelet yellow gold rhodium fancy style

    *24kt yellow gold and rhodium bracelet with a lifetime warranty

    *this bracelet is so fantastic and expensive-looking on your wrist

    *for everyday wear, great for stacking

    *width 3/8” length 7 3/4” long 

    *for men or women

    *free shipping

  • 24Kt gold rhodium or silver bracelet

    width is 1/4”

    length 6 3/4”

    black accent


  • 24Kt gold rhodium wide bracelet

    width 12/16”

  • 24Kt gold rhodium rainbow bracelet

    width 1/4”

    length 7”