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  • Earrings yellow gold dipped with obsidian gemstone

    *14 kt yellow gold vermeil obsidian gemstone stud

    *handmade and perfect for your everyday wear

    *free shipping

  • Earrings handmade rose gold with Amazonite gemstone huggies

    *14 kt rose gold vermeil and Amazonite gemstone

    *Amazonite is a powerful gemstone to help you clearly express yourself

    *to wear loop these through your ears to hug it tight 

    *perfect for everyday wear

    *free shipping


  • Earrings rose gold amethyst huggies

    *14 kt handmade rose gold vermeil with a petite polished amethyst stone

    *made fo spiritual growth and well being, perfect for everyday wear

    *loop this earring through and let this pair hug your ears tight 

    *free shipping

  • Earrings yellow gold rose quartz gemstone prong earrings

    *14 kt vermeil handmade rose quartz gemstone prong

    *rose gemstone is known as the love stone and the essence of love and tenderness

    *free shipping

  • Earrings rose gold druzy clusters earrings

    *14kt rose gold druzy clusters earrings

    *classy, elegant and fun to wear 

    *free shipping

  • Earrings yellow gold mini energy garnet gemstones

    *14 kt yellow gold overlay mini garnet gemstones

    *perfect for your second piercing

    *dainty and gorgeous

    *free shipping

  • Earrings yellow gold and sterling silver hanging stars

    *14 kt yellow gold overlay hanging stars earrings

    *sterling silver hanging stars earrings, see photo

    *length is 2"

    *free shipping

  • Earrings sterling silver threader earrings

    *sterling silver threader earrings

    *dainty and fun to wear

    *length is 2 1/4"

    *free shipping

  • Earrings yellow gold double circle earrings

    *14 kt yellow gold overlay double circle earrings

    *diameter is 5/8" and length is 6/8"

    *an elegant earring for formal wear or everyday wear

    *free shipping