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  • Sterling silver ring with amber gemstone

    *sterling silver, amber

    *dainty and modern

    * a gorgeous design

    *size 8.75

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver peridot gemstone ring

    *sterling silver, peridot

    *genuine peridot gemstone

    *modern and unique

    *eye-catching, one of a kind design

    *size  8.25

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver amethyst gemstone ring

    *sterling silver ring

    *genuine amethyst teardrop gemstone

    *beautiful and elegant

    *size 9

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver with amethyst gemstone

    *sterling silver, amethyst, and designer made

    *genuine amethyst gemstone

    *modern, dainty and fabulous ring

    *size 7.25

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver crystal gemstone necklace

    *sterling silver, gemstone pendant

    *perfect for layering

    *length 18"

    *free shipping

  • Gold blue diopside gemstone

    *14kt yellow gold overlay necklace

    *blue star diopside gemstone

    *perfect for everyday wear

    *length 16"

    *free shipping

  • Silver gemstone earrings with tigers eye or serpentine

    *sterling silver


    *tigers eye or serpentine gemstones

    *free shipping

    *length is 3/4"

  • Sterling silver inlaid earrings with gemstones

    *sterling silver

    *handcrafted by zuni pueblo native american artist EJ Barkley

    *signed by artist

    *inlaid with natural gemstones; turquoise, jet, coral, and pearl

    *free shipping

    *length is 1 1/2"

  • Sterling silver earrings with inlaid gemstones

    *artist hallmark, handmade by a Native American artist

    *inlaid gemstones are turquoise, onyx, coral, peridot, malachite, and pearl

    *free shipping

    *length is 5/8"

  • Sterling silver earrings with gemstones

    *intricately handmade earrings

    * peridot or blue topaz gemstones

    *sterling silver 

    *free shipping

    *length is around 1"

blue topaz

  • Sterling silver earrings with gemstones

    *sterling silver handcrafted earrings

    *gemstones are jade, turquoise, moonstone, tigers eye, and black onyx

    *perfect for your everyday wear

    *free shipping

    *length is 1"

black onyx


tigers eye


  • Gold necklace with blue or green gemstone pendants

    *24kt yellow gold overlay gemstone necklace

    *green chrome diopside and blue kyanite

    *lifetime warranty

    *gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear

    *free shipping

    *chain length is 16"

    *gemstone length is 1/4"