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  • Silver leaf earrings with amethyst gemstones

    *sterling silver leaf earrings

    *genuine amethyst gemstones

    *length  3/4"

    *gorgeous and elegant

    *free shipping

  • Rose gold ring with tourmaline gemstone

    *14kt rose gold vermeil

    * 2.67 grams

    * size is 5.5

    *tourmaline is 2.8 ctw

    *an elegant ring for your everyday wear

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver inlaid gemstone ring

    *Sterling silver 925 inlaid ring

    *with pearl, turquoise, apple coral, and jet gemstones

    * Native American designer, Cham

    *size 9

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver inlaid gemstone ring

    *sterling silver 925

    *variety of gemstones


    *inlaid with coral, turquoise, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and peridot.

    *size 7

    *free shipping

    *adjustable to fit

  • Sterling silver unakite gemstone ring

    *sterling silver

    *genuine unakite gemstone

    *size 9

    *can be adjusted by your local jeweler to your finger size

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver gemstone inlaid ring

    *sterling silver 925

    *size 9.25

    *inlaid with turquoise, opal, spiny oyster gemstones

    *can be adjusted up or down to your ring size by your local jeweler

    *free shipping

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  • Gold vintage pearl & gemstone earrings

    * 14kt yellow gold vintage earrings

    *natural pearl 5.7 grams 

    *gemstones are amethyst, ruby, yellow sapphire and peridot

  • featured product
    Sterling silver Lapis Lazuli gemstone earrings

    *sterling silver lapis lazuli gemstones

    *genuine lapiz lazuli gemstones

    *designer handmade

    *diameter 3/4 of an inch

    *length 1.25"

    *unique, and elegant

    *perfect for your everyday wear

    *free shipping

    $145.00 $95.00
  • Gold and sterling silver peridot gemstone earrings

    *14kt gold and sterling silver earrings

    * peridot gemstones

    *elegant and modern

    *free shipping