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  • Gold necklace with blue or green gemstone pendants

    *24kt yellow gold overlay gemstone necklace

    *green chrome diopside and blue kyanite

    *lifetime warranty

    *gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear

    *free shipping

    *chain length is 16"

    *gemstone length is 1/4"

  • Sterling silver cat pendant with larimar gemstone

    *sterling silver, larimar gemstone

    *pendant length 3/4"

    *free shipping

    *sterling silver chains are available with various lengths

  • Dragonfly larimar gemstone necklace

    *sterling silver necklace 

    *chain length is 16" 

    *earrings sold out

    **3.3 grams

    *0.8 ctw

    *free shipping

  • Dolphins set with larimar gemstone

    *sterling silver necklace and earrings

    * chain is 16"

    * pendant length is 1"

    * earrings length is 3/4"

    * 3.67 grams

    * 1.2 ctw

    *free shipping

  • Silver ring with red jasper or amber gemstones

    * sterling silver hammered rings

    * red jasper or amber gemstones

    *fabulous for everyday wear or for stacking

    *free shipping

  • Tourmaline gemstone set

    *sterling silver necklace and earrings

    * chain is 18" long

    * tourmaline necklace pendant is 2 ctw and 1.14 grams

    * 1.66 ctw earrings

    *free shipping

    * gorgeous gift for Mother's day or for any occasion

    *perfecr for everyday wear

  • Sterling silver mystic topaz gemstone ring

    *two styles to choose from;

    *one, with rope-like design on the sides

    *and two, with no design on the sides

    *free shipping

  • Akoya pearls bracelet with ruby gemstone

    *saltwater Akoya pearls from Japan

    *ruby gemstone lock system

    *length is 8"

    *free shipping

  • White gold and silver amethyst gemstone earrings

    *18kt white gold and sterling silver

    *amethyst earrings

    *genuine amethyst gemstone

    *gorgeous and elegant

    *1.5" length 

    *free shipping


  • Handcrafted silver ring with amethyst gemstone

    *designer handcrafted ring

    *sterling silver ring with natural amethyst gemstone

    *size  9.25

    *free shipping

  • SS amethyst or ruby gemstone bangle

    *sterling silver hinged, twisted bracelet

    * amethyst or ruby gemstone

    *so dainty and so light,

    *perfect for your everyday wear

    *free shipping


  • Sterling silver bracelet with gemstone

    *designer handmade sterling silver bracelet

    *with gemstone

    *available in blue topaz, peridot (green)

    *and mystic topaz (rainbow)

    *length is 7" with 3/4" extension

    *free shipping

blue topaz

mystic topaz