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  • Berries & pine soy candle

    9oz soy candle

    hand poured in new york

    Sold Out
  • french linen soy candle

    7oz “be still and know” soy candle

    French Linen

  • lavender de provence soy candle

    7oz “be still and know” soy candle


  • island orchid soy candle

    7oz “always grateful” soy candle

    Island Orchid

  • white jasmin soy candle

    7oz “hello gorgeous” soy candle

    White Jasmine

  • sea salt soy candle

    7oz “just breathe” soy candle 

    Sea Salt

  • Hey there sunshine soy candle

    *thai lemongrass soy candle

    *revitalizing scent of zesty lemongrass mint and herbal tea

    *hand-poured from Spain

  • Crystal soy hand poured candles

    *designer made candle, hand-poured

    *blue chalcedony is calming, rose quartz is a love stone

    *peach quartz is for inner peace, citrine is for success

    *there's a crystal in every bottle

  • Soy crystal hand poured candles

    *crystal soy candle, hand-poured 

    *Sea Opal is a meditation stone and Obsidian blocks negativity

    *there is a crystal in every candle jar