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  • Crystal soy hand poured candles

    *designer made candle, hand-poured

    *blue chalcedony is calming, rose quartz is a love stone

    *peach quartz is for inner peace, citrine is for success

    *there's a crystal in every bottle

  • Soy crystal hand poured candles

    *crystal soy candle, hand-poured 

    *Sea Opal is a meditation stone and Obsidian blocks negativity

    *there is a crystal in every candle jar

  • Designer card with botanical printed envelope

    *designer Emma Kate

    *wild hearts signature collection

    *blank interior

    *size is 6 x 4

    *cards printed in Australia

    * environmentally responsible carbon neutral stock

  • Handmade card with ornament

    *designer snowmade

    *blank inside

    *size is 4 x 5 1/2

    *someone in New York loves you

    *someone in Pennsylvania loves you

  • Original mixed media collage cards

    *each card is an original mixed media collage

    *no card is the same, each card is unique

    *handmade by artist Lynda Berdin

    *love yourself collection

    * frame this card to hang as an original artwork

    *size is 5 x 6 1/2

    *free shipping