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  • Sterling Silver 925 Vintage CZ Ring

    Size 8

    designer signed J. Nicole

  • Yellow gold vintage diamond ring

    *14kt solid yellow gold

    *gorgeous and lots of detail 


    *floral art deco style

    *size 9

    *free shipping

  • Rings sterling silver double bar ring

    *sterling silver 925 ring


    *great ring to wear alone or for stacking

    *yellow gold rings sold out

  • Rings sterling silver 925 V shaped stacking ring

    *available in sterling silver only

    *chevron ring

    *best for stacking or even to wear by itself

    *free shipping

  • Gold and diamond fairy dust arc ring

    *Solid 14kt yellow gold ring with natural white diamonds

    *vs2 diamonds

    *free shipping

    *perfect for stacking

    Sold Out
  • Rings 14Kt Solid Yellow Gold Birthstone Alinea Ring

    *a gorgeous, dainty and delicate birthstone ring that will last a lifetime.

    *pick your own birthstone ring, combine it with your sweetheart and maybe your children, for the most perfect stack.

    *free shipping

    January is garnet stone of protection. February is amethyst stone of wisdom. March is aquamarine stone of serenity. April is diamond stone of strength. May is emerald stone of hope. June is moonstone stone of energy. July is ruby stone of vitality. August is peridot stone of beauty. September is sapphire stone of truth. October is opal. November is citrine stone of joy. December is turquoise stone of friendship.

    From $190.00
  • Solid yellow gold diamond ring

    *14kt solid yellow gold diamond ring

    *diamonds 0.75 ctw round diamonds

    *1.0 ctw for the baguettes

    *free shipping

  • Solid gold ring with diamond baguettes

    *14kt solid yellow gold ring

    *10.5 grams

    *2.0 ctw baguettes

    * 120 baguettes

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver and gold diamond and citrine ring

    *18kt yellow gold and sterling silver 925

    *Gabriel and Co.

    *diamond .02 ctw

    *citrine gemstone

    *free shipping