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  • Solid gold ring with diamond baguettes

    *14kt solid yellow gold ring

    *10.5 grams

    *2.0 ctw baguettes

    * 120 baguettes

    *free shipping

  • Gold and silver diamond and citrine ring

    *18kt solid yellow gold

    *and sterling silver ring

    *Gabriel and Co.

    *diamond .02 ctw

    *citrine gemstone

    *free shipping

  • Solid gold diamonds and emerald ring

    *10kt solid yellow gold

    *diamonds and emerald ring

    *beautiful, and elegant

    * perfect for your everyday wear

    * artist mark

    *free shipping

  • Solid yellow gold diamond ring

    *14kt solid yellow gold

    *8.1 grams

    *ring designer and maker is Stella Naranjo

    *0.9 ctw 2.8mm 12 diamonds

    *free shipping

    *comes with designers description 

  • Yellow gold bow ring

    *18kt yellow gold vermeil ring

    *with micro cz stones


    *1.5mm band

    *size is 7.25

    *free shipping

  • Gold floral daisy ring

    *18kt yellow gold vermeil

    *0.75” wide

    *adjustable ring

    * a spring favorite, lightweight and delightful

    *fits any size finger

    *free shipping

  • Solid White Gold Diamond Ring

    *18kt solid white gold diamond ring

    *1.52 ctw diamonds

    *VVSJ 22mm 

    *fabulous and gorgeous ring

    *comes with appraisal certificate

    *free shipping

  • Gold opal and moon ring

    *14kt yellow gold vermeil

    *opal sun and moon ring

    *also available in sterling silver, with black gemstone and moon

    *free shipping

  • Sterling silver pearl and diamond ring

    *sterling silver 925

    *gorgeous ring to wear for special events and for your everyday wear

    *white pearl and diamond

    *3.8 grams

    *free shipping