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  • Solid gold black akoya pearl

    *14kt solid yellow gold

    *black Akoya pearl

    *8mm; 1.2mm

    *adjustable 14" to 18" length

    *pendant 1" length

    * rc eept025 piatto chain

    *free shipping


  • Solid yellow gold opal necklace

    *14kt solid yellow gold

    *Australian opal 

    *adjustable rope chain

    *14" to 18" length

    *gorgeous and perfect for daily wear

    *free shipping 

  • Solid white gold pearl necklace

    *14kt solid white gold

    *freshwater pearl

    *adjustable rope chain

    *14" to 18" length

    *rc weeqr5-18

    *free shipping

  • Solid gold opal earrings

    *14kt solid yellow gold opal earrings

    *Australian opals

    *opal colors changes when moving around

    *gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear

    *designer LB

    *free shipping

  • Solid gold black pearl stud earrings

    *14kt yellow gold black cultured pearl

    *6mm stud earrings

    *elegant and gorgeous for daily wear

    *rg ear 109

    *free shipping

  • Solid gold diamond studs

    *14kt solid yellow gold solitaire studs

    *fabulous diamond studs

    *gorgeous studs for forever wear

    *round 1/2 ctw diamonds

    * GHPI2 GH 4mm

    *friction back and post

    *free shipping

  • Solid gold faceted huggie earrings

    *14kt solid yellow gold earrings

    *gorgeous faceted dainty huggie

    *perfect for your everyday wear

    *1.50 grams

    *rc er11429

    *free shipping

  • Solid white gold wedding band

    *14kt solid white gold band

    *wedding band

    *size 7.5

    *dainty and simplistic

    *free shipping

  • Solid white gold chevron ring

    *14kt solid white gold chevron ring

    *vintage-inspired  V ring

    *size 7  4.8mm

    *perfect to wear with any of your rings

    *free shipping

  • Solid white gold diamond V ring

    *14kt solid white gold V ring

    *chevron style

    *diamond  1/6 ctw

    *size 7  adjustable

    *perfect to stack with your engagement ring or any ring

    *free shipping

  • Solid white gold two stone diamond ring

    *14kt solid white gold ring

    *round two stone diamonds

    *3 mm 1/8 ctw diamond

    *size 7.5

    *perfect to stack with any of your rings

    *free shipping

  • Solid white gold vintage floral ring

    *14kt solid white gold floral inspired band

    *vintage ring

    *wedding band

    *size 7  2.5mm

    *perfect to layer with your engagement ring

    *free shipping